Consumer use of tablets and smartphones and the deployment of cloud-based enterprise services continue to scale at a dramatic rate. Also on the rise is the number of hacking events bringing networks down, or breaching privacy. Service providers must reconsider how they provision, secure and control enterprise computing resources and information access. Corigine is on the forefront of providing solutions to service providers to increase their capacity, yet maintain a high level of security.
Cloud services which include video streaming and application sharing are driving a tremendous demand for more storage capacity. USB key storage is also on the rise as consumers desire to keep all their critical data with them and not on their computer. In order to satisfy the demand however, the storage solution must not only meet the capacity demand, but also the transfer speed to support streaming, and fast file transfers. Corigine is uniquely positioned to offer solutions for the critical high speed transfers to satisfy these storage demands.
The promise of autonomous vehicles is monumental to our transportation system. Corigine believes that to fulfill this promise safely, autonomous vehicles must be connected to one another, and have a complete understanding of the surroundings as well as the driver. Corigine is providing key technology to enable vehicles to communicate more effectively, and facial recognition combined with machine learning to better understand the intentions of the driver.
Applying advanced technology to home and city infrastructures will yield tremendous efficiencies, better service, and a more customized user experience. Corigine is playing a critical role in this transformation to Smart Homes, and Smart Cities by delivering cutting edge technology to homeowners, and utility providers which will create new services while reaping the benefits of increased efficiencies.