About us

Corigine is a fabless semiconductor company founded on the principles of building silicon products, IP and building blocks that drive innovation and economics in the most promising technology areas globally.

Corigine delivers innovative solutions in connectivity, storage, and machine learning for cloud, automotive, smart city and emerging applications. Leveraging optimized architecture and advancements in power and process efficiencies, Corigine’s experienced and winning semiconductor team is forging new avenues of power and cost efficiencies while delivering leading edge performance for emerging market opportunities worldwide.

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Our Testimonials

  • Low power designs are critical to mobile and IoT applications. Corigine’s low power USB 3.1 host and device controller IPs provide the perfect complement to M31’s comprehensive low power designs. M31’s high-speed interface IP includes USB 3.1 PHY, USB 3.0 PHY, USB 2.0 PHY and USB 1.1 PHY with Type-C support.
    Scott Chang
    Vice President of M31
  • Smart IOPS has evaluated Corigine's USB 3.1 IP for our ultra high performance SSD products. At Smart IOPS we are designing the highest performance SSD products for the IO intensive applications and we believe Corigine’s 10Gbps USB controller IP can help us maintain that “edge of the envelope” performance within our low power targets!
    Ashutosh Das
    CEO of Smart IOPS, Inc