Corigine SmartNIC server-based networking solutions delivers unmatched price/performance and scalability for compute and service node applications in service provider and enterprise cloud networks.

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TCAM is widely used on routers and switches to maintain ACL/LPM rules and provide searching capability. Corigine TCAM is built with innovative Questflo algorithm, which can provide higher performance and larger capacity.

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Corigine MimicPro™ Prototyping System is a high-performance, FPGA-based system that raises prototyping to an unprecedented new level. It expedites early software development in areas, such as system validation and regression testing, by significantly reducing development time and workload.

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Corigine provides USB 3.2 and USB 2.0 controllers that are USB-IF certified, thus reducing the risk of IP errors due to specification interpretations. Corigine USB controllers are based on a new generation architecture which takes advantage of the latest USB features, while maintaining the smallest size, lowest power, and highest configurability.

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Cloud IAAS or PAAS applications

Cloud NFV infrastructure

Data enter network security

Network telemetry and analysis


Network routers

Data center switches, servers

Network detection system

New SDN and NFV platforms


Video and Camera products

Notebooks, Tablets

Cell phones, TVs

Mass Storage devices

Prototyping System MimicPro

For ASIC, SOC and IP

RTL prototype system

Software development

System validation

Technology & Solutions

Cloud NFV Infrastructure

Corigine provides NFV infrastructure solutions with breakthrough server performance and efficiency enabling Telco cloud service providers to deliver innovative and rapid new services related to 4G/5G mobile video, data, IoT and autonomous car applications.

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Data Center IaaS Applications

Networking for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) requires advanced networking and security services delivered close to the VMs using server-based networking components like Open vSwitch, Contrail vRouter and Connection Tracking.

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OpenStack Cloud Networking

OpenStack cloud orchestration promises scalable, cost-effective private/hybrid clouds. However, OpenStack networking using Open vSwitch or Contrail vRouter Software imposes a significant CPU consumption and VM performance tax.

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Network Security

Corigine security solutions may be implemented and deployed as dedicated or virtualized network appliances or can be effectively implemented on SmartNICs in COTS servers.

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