The Corigine Agilio platform is comprised of hardware and software for efficient, high-performance server-based networking deployments. The solution significantly improves the throughput of SDN and NFV applications while lowering compute infrastructure TCO and preserving the fast pace of innovation available with current software-only implementation.

Cloud NFV Infrastructure

As Telco cloud service providers prepare to deliver innovative and rapid new services in mobile and IoT-enabled NFV infrastructures, performance and efficiency of the data center server farm become paramount considerations.

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Data Center IaaS Applications

Networking for infrastructure-as-a-service requires advanced networking and security services delivered close to the VMs using server-based networking components like Open vSwitch, Contrail vRouter and Linux IP Tables or Connection Tracking.

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OpenStack Cloud Networking

OpenStack networking utilizes OVS, Firewall and Contrail vRouter for delivering networking and security services to virtual machines (VMs). When such functions are implemented using x86 cores in a server, the performance penalty and CPU consumption tax are unacceptable.

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Network Security

Virtualization and cloud computing in modern data centers provide the opportunity for significant equipment and operation savings, but require a new look at security architectures. Cloud infrastructures must be secured with stringent policies, must maintain cadence with the ever-evolving threat landscape, and must protect sensitive data - all at high performance.

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Data Center SDN Gateway

SDN-based Data Center Gateways can be used to effectively link compute islands, potentially using many different networking technologies internally. SDN gateways require significant scale in terms of the number of flows and stateful security rules while maintaining high throughput performance.

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