The Agilio family of server-based networking solutions delivers unmatched price/performance and scalability for compute and service node applications in service provider and enterprise cloud networks. Agilio enables businesses of all sizes to dramatically increase the efficiency of their data center compute infrastructure while preserving standard cloud configuration and automation tools. But how?

Agilio Server-Based Networking Drives 5X CAPEX Reduction

The Agilio platform is the first software and hardware-based solution designed from the ground up to completely and transparently offload open source server-based networking datapaths such as the widely deployed Open vSwitch (OVS). What’s more, the Agilio platform restores valuable compute resources to applications and facilitates higher service levels and ROI.

Agilio SmartNIC

Flow and tunnel processing at scale are the underpinnings of server-based networking. Corigine utilizes SmartNICs based on unique flow processing silicon and Agilio software architecture, all working in conjunction with standard networking software in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers. The Agilio solution supports up to 2 million security policies with onboard memory and delivers up to 100Gb/s of throughput and 28Mpps while consuming one-tenth the compute resources required to deliver scalable server-based networking functions.

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Agilio Software

The Agilio hardware and software platform is truly software-defined and can therefore evolve rapidly in lock step with innovations from the open source networking software community, without requiring a hardware refresh. Agilio software implements server-based networking offloads to Agilio hardware. These offloads are accomplished transparently, enabling seamless configuration and scalable deployments using popular cloud management tools such as OpenStack. Rapid innovation now becomes feasible with the benefits of hardware acceleration, significantly improving compute efficiency and performance while maintaining operator flexibility and control.

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