Corigine and New H3C Enable Mass Deployment of High-Performance Network Routers

November 05, 2018 by Corigine

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and BEIJING, Nov. 5, 2018 -- Corigine, Inc. and New H3C Group (New H3C) today announced their collaboration in launching the best-in-class network routers for broad deployments in carriers, enterprise, campus, and data center networks.   

With the advent of cloud computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence, connected smart devices and internet traffic have been driving explosive growth of data and demand for bandwidth and capacity.  This puts increasing burden on the cloud critical network elements to scale to the needs of high performance and low latency.  

"In the era of Cloud Computing and 5G, routers have always been critical elements of network infrastructure.  We needed a best-in-class TCAM solution to continue elevating our router products' competitiveness, in order to deliver to the stringent requirements of hyperscale cloud data center and next generation 5G core networks in terms of performance, power and cost," said Steven Yoe, CTO at New H3C Group. "Corigine's TCAM is one of the most advanced solutions with an innovative architecture and best performance/power profile that provided us the optimal and cost-effective option for our products." 

Corigine provides high-performance TCAM (Ternary Content-Addressable Memory) solution, with unique architecture to enhance L2-L4 network search performance and at the same time reduce power consumption by 70% compared to existing TCAMs in the market today.  Corigine's TCAM supports both IPv4 and IPv6 rules and delivers over 2.4 billion searches per second with deterministically low latency.  With up to 2x the capacity, Corigine's TCAM offers greater flexibility while being more cost effective, making it ideal for adoption across a wide range of applications including Service Provider, Campus, Cloud Data Center, Software Defined Networking (SDN), and SmartNIC.  Through this collaboration with New H3C, Corigine demonstrated integration of TCAM and achieve high performance and differentiated feature set on a cost and power constraint platform.   "New H3C is one of the leading network solution providers with the most comprehensive portfolio.  We are incredibly excited to collaborate with New H3C on the initiative to deliver high-performance routing products to broad markets," said Sheng Lu, Chairman and CEO at Corigine. "In such a pioneering product, we can readily showcase the highly engineered performance, feature, and power optimizations of our TCAM," Mr. Lu added.

Higher-performance TCAM adoption has been driven largely by carrier networks where high-speed searches and high capacity are required to deliver the necessary network performance while minimizing latency.  With Corigine's solution, it is now possible for network designers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by designing high-performance and high-capacity TCAM into router and switch solutions in enterprise, campus, and data center applications where previous solutions are not able to fit into the more stringent cost or power constraints. 

"Finally, an alternative high-performance TCAM is in production at a major network-equipment provider," said Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group. "The Corigine TCAM solution's low-power architecture coupled with its high performance has enabled a successful entry where other new silicon suppliers have failed. This strategic collaboration with H3C should give other customers confidence in engaging with Corigine."

About Corigine

Corigine is a fabless semiconductor and IP company, with design centers in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Nanjing, Huzhou and Hong Kong, China.  Corigine delivers intellectual property (IP) solutions for high-speed I/O as well as semiconductor products for connectivity and networking applications targeted at cloud, automotive and smart city markets.  Corigine's seasoned IP experts from top fabless semiconductor companies leverage an advanced architecture to deliver innovations for emerging applications with reduced power, area and memory utilization while ensuring maximum performance and configurability.

About New H3C

New H3C Group (New H3C) is a world-leading digital solutions provider, and committed trusted partner for our customers in their quest for business innovation and upgraded industrial capabilities. The company has provided a full range of Compute, Storage, Networking and Security solutions, based on New H3C digital solutions infrastructure. It provides complete, one-stop digital platform solutions for areas including Cloud Computing, Big Data, Big Interconnectivity, Big Security, Big Surveillance, Edge Computing, AI and Blockchain. In addition, New H3C is exclusive provider of HPE brand Servers, Storage products and Technical Services in China.