Applications Field Engineer

US BS/MS/PhD >5years

  • You will work directly with industry leading semiconductor and system companies to deploy Corigine’s market leading Mimic prototyping and emulation platform. In this customer facing role you will provide the in person technical support in the Pre and Post-Sales process and will work with the sales team to come up with innovate solutions to address our customers’ most challenging problems.

  • Key responsibilities:

    · Establish technical credibility and rapport with the customer and become the go-to expert for all of their technical inquiries and presales support.

    · Provide in-depth technical assistance in collaboration with R&D to help support advanced prototyping/emulation flows to secure design wins.

    · Champion the customer requirements and work with R&D and Marketing to develop competitive and creative technical solutions.

    · Understand the competitive landscape and continuously work on differentiating Corogine’s solutions.

    · Write technical product literature such as application notes and technical articles.

    · Review new product proposals and device specifications.

  • Required experience and skills:

    · RTL coding and synthesis.

    · Fundamental SoC Architecture knowledge.

    · Knowledge of UNIX , C/C++, scripting programming languages such as TCL.

    · Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.

    · Self-motivated and strong teamwork skills.

    · Emulation/Prototyping or FPGA prototyping experience strongly desirable.

    · Verification skills in debug of Verilog code.

    · Education: BS, MS, or PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering.

    · Minimum Experience required: 5+ years.

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