Corigine MimicPro™ Prototyping System

The Corigine MimicPro Prototyping system is a high-performance, FPGA-based standalone platform that raises prototyping to a new level. The MimicPro system enables early software development, system validation and regression testing, while significantly reducing development time and workload. The Corigine MimicPro Prototyping System is designed to deliver unprecedented performance and speed for ASIC and software development for both enterprise and cloud operations with the utmost security.

The Corigine MimicPro prototyping system configurations are optimal for scaling from IP subsystem verification to AI, Automotive, and Networking SOC’s and beyond. Read More

Corigine MimicTurbo™ Add-on Card

The Corigine MimicTurbo GT card based on the Xilinx UltraScale+TM VU19P FPGA is designed to simplify the deployment of FPGA based prototyping at the desktop. The PCI Express MimicTurbo GT card offers automated FPGA partitioning and interconnect while leveraging the high-speed Xilinx GigaHertz Transceiver (GT) I/O connection between multiple FPGAs.

The Corigine MimicTurbo GT cards support up to 48 million ASIC gates each, has onboard DDR4 component memory and can be configured to operate with additional connected MimicTurbo GT cards. The card supports 64 GTY transceivers (16 Quads) along with the essential I/O interfaces:

  • Quad small form-factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD) connector
  • Sixteen-lane PCI Express interface
  • Ethernet PHY, GPIO, UART
  • FMC and FMC+ connectors
  • Multiple boot/configuration options
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To learn more about Corigine MimicPro and MimicTurbo products, please contact marketing@corigine.com.