The Agilio eBPF Software offload solution provides a foundation for high-performance, kernel-compliant firewalls, DDoS protection and load balancing that complement and build on the momentum in the Linux community to drive highly secure, scalable applications needed to optimally secure the exponential growth of devices and data. 

The Agilio eBPF Software tracks the features of eBPF in the Linux kernel, and offloads the eXpress Data Path (XDP) and Linux traffic control (TC). Programs using eBPF can be changed on the fly and can be transparently offloaded to hardware, combining the flexibility of software-defined data planes with the efficiencies of hardware. Combined with Agilio CX and FX SmartNICs, operators building infrastructures for data center core and enterprise edge applications can gain up to 10X higher price/performance benefits and 3X power savings.


Corigine's processors are uniquely positioned to execute eBPF programs in hardware through the use of our own just-in time (JIT) compiler that transparently translates eBPF code into NFP machine code, greatly accelerating the rules written for the kernel by running them directly on the SmartNIC. Corigine's performance enhancements are exceptional and could not be easier to use because they are included in the Linux kernel.


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