Software Engineer (Application)

Shanghai BS/MS 1-3 years


1.      Develops emulation and/or prototype system compilation database codes and GUI.

2.      Develops emulation and/or prototype system runtime codes and runtime GUI.

3.      Develops test for emulation and/or prototype system.

4.      Maintains project documentation.

5.      some experience working with emulation platforms such as: Palladium, Veloce or Zebu, including compilation, debug, and performance tuning.

6.      debug hardware issues from waveforms

7.      Demonstrated experience with algorithm and data structure design.

8.      Demonstrated experience with software testing methods.



1.      Minimum of BS/MS.

2.      Working knowledge of software languages (assembler, C, C++, etc.)

3.      Working knowledge if software development tools (compilers, debuggers, emulators, etc.)

4.      Working knowledge of software development in Linux

5.      Experience in Verilog or VHDL and System Verilog is a plus.

6.      Requires good communication skills, attention to details, and ability to work in multi-site/multi-person project

Strong software development background.

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