Embedded Software Engineer

South Africa MS/BS 1-3 years

  • We require competent candidates with a Master (desired) or Bachelor (required) degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science with relevant work experience. Candidates must be proficient at C programming and embedded system product development.

  • Responsibilities:

    · Work as part of a team developing high performance networking software. Design, develop, debug, test and support the software.

  • Required experience and skills:

    · Experience with embedded systems and embedded software development is required.

    · Proficiency in embedded programming (C/C++) and scripting languages (e.g. bash, Bourne shell, Python) is required.

    · Assembler experience desired.

    · Multi-threaded programming experience desired.

    · Extensive experience with development and debugging (GCC, revision control syste build systems, troubleshooting, debugging and profiling tools) is required.

    · Experience with development and debugging from the Linux command line is desired.

    · Extensive experience with designing and optimizing software to meet specified performance goals is required.

    · Ability to work in a multi-disciplined team environment is required.

    · Strong written communication skills are required.

  • Additional desired competencies:

    · Knowledge of network protocols is desired.

    · Knowledge of virtualization technologies is desired.

    · Experience in cryptography and network security (e.g. IPsec, SSL) is desired.

    · Experience with Linux kernel development is desired.

    · Experience with Agile software development is desired.

For careers related questions and applications, please contact hr@corigine.com.

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